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Joobi Apps come with powerful customization functionality. We also provide jDesign which allow you to seamlessly extends the functionality of Joobi Apps. However when you start to customize the views, you have also the potential to make mistakes which are out of our control. Therefore we cannot provide support for those customization.

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Name Last Ticket No. Of Tickets
Live Chat Not Displaying on Live Site
26 August 2016 07:22PM
JNews picking wrong categories.....
26 August 2016 12:19PM
My JTickets is blank and contains errors.
26 August 2016 11:48AM
Error in tax calculation
27 August 2016 12:04PM
Not displaying in Joomla Admin area
24 August 2016 05:45PM
26 August 2016 06:45AM
New Partner in jAffiliate
12 August 2016 11:54AM
Pricing request for list of items instead of free upload
18 August 2016 10:24AM
5 August 2016 06:34AM
Buy now button is not working
22 August 2016 03:11PM
Module do like the current account
2 August 2016 08:16PM
25 July 2016 07:02PM
Stack trace show at jDefender block screen
22 June 2016 07:56AM
Map based classifieds app
18 July 2016 11:05AM
How to upload multiple images while importing the bulk csv?
18 August 2016 01:16PM
Apps problem
2 August 2016 02:40PM
Error generating PDF in jVouchers
17 August 2016 04:44PM
User registration
15 August 2016 10:42AM
Joomla update Marketplatz gives error
23 August 2016 12:49AM

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