How to apply for Paypal application ID (

Step 1 — Visit and click Sign In to X.commerce and select PayPal.

xcom login


Step 2 — Log in to PayPal. You'll then be redirected back to


Step 3 — Click My Account, on the left click My Applications then New App.

Step 4 — Enter a Title and describe what your system does. Include that you will be using "adaptive payment APIs".



Step 5 — Select options as appropriate; see notes on the screenshot.



Step 6 — Set all checkboxes and radio buttons as shown in the screenshot. Fill in the text boxes accurately; see notes on screenshot.



Step 7 — Paypal want to try the API to validate it in some case. Make sure to provide the correct informations.

Test URL: This is the url of your website.
Supply Test Account Name and Password: Create a user test account may be a user called Paypal Testing. Provide them with the a link where they can login.
Step-bystep Payment Flows Instructions: Create a step by step guide how they can checkout your product for testing.


Step 1: Follow this URL to login: ENTER THE URL HERE
Step 2: Folllow this URL to view and checkout a product:  ENTER HERE PRODUCT LINK
Step 3: Click add to cart and follow the steps until final checkout



Step 8 — Submit the app for approval and enter the generated AppID into your Application ID field in jMarket payment creation page.

The more information you present to the PayPal reviewers, the easier it will be for them to understand and approve your application.

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