What is jStore?

jStore is a user friendly and secure single shopping cart solution for Joomla. More online products, more currencies available, more profit. If you want to transform your Joomla website into an E-Commerce shopping cart power house, jStore is the ideal choice for you.
jStore is our most advanced shopping cart application. Aside from being scalable, jStore is made with one purpose in mind, to help you maximize sales. jStore can out perform standard e-commerce products like Virtuemart making it your ultimate Joomla shopping cart solution.

What is the difference between jStore and jMarket?

Technically there is no difference in all Joobi e-Commerce Applications, it has the same code. It means that if we fix a bug in jMarket or jSubscription it also fixes in jStore and the rest of the Apps automatically. For functionality point of view, jStore is a perfect App if you are buiilding a one store owner website. While jMarket is designed to allow you to connect with your business community, allow you to build your own online mall where your community can sell products in one storefront. In short, if you don't need multi-vendor functionality then jStore is just right for your online business.

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