jDloads is a robust and secure file manager component  where you can download and upload multiple files in multiple ways. It gives you power to manage your downloadable files efficiently by controlling the views and downloads to specific group of users like managers, authors, registered users, and more.

Get even more powerful with jMarket or jSubscription.
jDloads is also an add-on for jMarket. This allows vendors to manage files and to see the list of files at vendor's area. You will save more space on your server because jDloads attach the same file to the different products.

Earn more by using jSubscription with jDloads by restricting or giving right access of multiple downloadable files to your customers.

What's more to expect? Here's the jDloads feature list:

 Powerful and Flexible Catalog


  • Home page, Category page and Item page, all including Carrousel area, items list and categories list.
  • Unlimited categories Tree:
  • Nested categories, items can be put in 1 or several categories.
  • Items module presentation with Carrousel, Accordion, Scroller and Horizontal or Vertical display.
  • Sort list by highest hits, latest, favorite, most downloaded, features, etc.
  • Comes with related module and plugins
  • Powerful tag to include download information into Joomla content or any other component.




Access Right for Categories and Items


  • Define specific access level to categories or items.
  • Define what Users group can view and/or download item.




Flexible Theme:


  • Change the look and feel of the documents presentation. Easily create your own theme to match the look of your site.
  • No need FTP all theme customization can be done through the theme editor in the backend.
  • Comes with already several predefined themes and layout you can choose from.




Item Page


  • Video/Audio preview and player
  • Unlimited image presentation with auto-scroller
  • Social Share buttons: Facebook, Google +, Twitter.
  • Favorite button
  • Allow introduction, description and licensing information for each item/document.
  • Integrated License system:  request a user to agree to the license agreement before download
  • Start and End publishing date.
  • Start and end downloadable date
  • Integrated commenting and rating system

File Management


  • 3 ways to uploads files
    • Upload Local File
    • Add file by URL
    • Add files by Server
  • Secure hosting of local or remote files
    Files can be hosted local or linked from a remote server. Also possible: links to sharehoster files.
  • Secure built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents. The real path of the document is never displayed to users.


Amazon S3 which is a server to upload and download file. It is what we call cloud server.

So any file in jDLoads can be saved on S3 rather than on the local servers.
People do this to save space on their local server and also because S3 is really fast.