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The power of custom fields for jMarket!

We are really delighted to present to you the new custom fields feature, not only for jMarket but for all Joobi Apps. It is now available in all eCommerce Apps and in jTickets.
We think the custom fields we developed are so powerful and flexible that it will make you rethink what custom fields should be. You will be able to for instance create native Tabs or make translatable text or text areas. 
custom fields
Custom fields tabulation view.
jmarket custom fields
We invite you to check the change logs to discover an exhaustive list of features because we added a lot of other features, like drag and drop to upload your images and files, etc...

Some of the key new features in this release include:

  • Custom fields throughout all Joobi Apps
  • Ability for vendors to create coupons from the frontend area
  • Vendors can now bundle products
  • Store manager can now set specific user group to each payment.
  • Drag and drop functionality in the upload of photos and files
  • New credentials menu to add any number of S3 buckets
  • New User menu: My coupons
  • JomSocial messaging integration, with popup.
  • Design Module for Direct Translation and Direct Edit
  • More integration between jSubcription and jMarket
  • Become a vendor upon subscription to a specific subscription
  • Media preview when not using jwplayer
  • Improvement, default picture can be deleted
  • No need to be registered to be able to enter a coupon
  • Improved mouse-hover functionality to now supporting any type of video format.
  • and many more...
To implement all those features we have made some important modification to some of the themes, which also mean for some users you might need to change few files in order to upgrade properly.  But we have explain all this in the upgrade procedure here.
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Join us again next time for more updates in Joobi!

Chris Weber
on behalf of Joobi Team
Joobi! Simple, Smart, Secure...
Apologies - We are still working on the update
Release: jCenter 2.3.x


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