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jMarket 3.17 mid-September release is now available

This release focused on important fixes and with some new enhancements. Please note that you can only obtain the new version if you are using jCenter 2.5.x. For those still running jCenter 2.4.64 and below, please see the change-log and update process guide.


  • Added installation and update checking to check on installation requirements before install.
  • Improved SEF when using mutli language or if there is a period (.) in the product name.
  • Now emails are translatable in multi-language mode.
  • Addthis integration to make your store more social. AddThis is a leading social sharing platform and allows people to share your items via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and 300 more other social networks.
  • A lot of little improvements under the hood...

For existing users, if you want to use the addthis social icon, please run below two queries in your database to enable the option in all of your existing products and types.

  1. UPDATE `#_product_node` SET `params` = CONCAT( `params`, '\npageprdshowsharethis=5' );
  2. UPDATE `#_product_type` SET `params` = CONCAT( `params`, '\npageprdshowsharethis=2' );


  • Resolved: Fix the following message, so it does not appear when not necessary:"You did not define a value for this Option. If you set this Option required you will not be able to 'Add to Cart' the product unless you select a Option with a NOT null value."
  • Resolved: Map view does not appear in the store page, item and vendor profile.
  • Resolved: Vendor address does not appear in the Vendor Profile even show address option is enabled.
  • Resolved: Add to cart does not work properly after deleting an item in the basket.
  • Resolved: Access level issue in the frontend when direct translation is being used.
  • Resolved: Vendor module does not show any data.
  • Resolved: View map in the address page during checkout shows different location.
  • Resolved: Frontend logout shows error when Joomla SEF is turn off.
  • Resolved: Review link in the item page which redirect to an external page or in the vendor area.


Important note: It is expected that you do a backup of your files and database. This should be a habit to backup before doing any update in your live website. Make sure that your backup is actually of any value in case you really need it. So verify your backup before proceeding with updating or even thinking of touching your live website.
A good way to test your backup is using it to create a copy of your website as test environment, see if you can actually restore it.

If you find new issues, please let us know by submitting a ticket in the support center.

Thank you again for using Joobi and we will keep working hard to make your experience the best it can be.

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Release: jCenter 2.6.x
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