[Release] The most powerful checkout process!

Today we have something very exciting to share with you and it's a big one, so let's dive in!

checkout process

Introducing the most powerful Checkout process

We are very exited to unveil our new release because we have developed what we believe to be the most powerful eCommerce checkout process out there. Yes, we have been delayed a month on this release and we apologize to the ones who have been waiting patiently for a new feature or a fix. However, we think when you get your hands on this release you will agree it was well worth the wait.
One of the new checkout features is the new One page checkout ( with either 1, 2 or 3 columns ), and by all means, you can be edited directly from back-end the design of the page so you can change the layout to your liking.
It also feature split payment and multi-cart as it did before, but now it is not only restricted to jMarket. You might have jStore and jSubscription on your site and the checkout will assist your customer in a multi cart fashion as well. What ever item type the customer want to purchase, the checkout will always offer the best solution.

In a few words the new checkout, is extremely powerful to handle any of your eCommerce needs, features a very flexible design to adapt to any taste, and automated to lower your intervention and maintenance.

We think you and your customers are going to love the simplicity and ease of use Responsive One page  Checkout provides.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing allows you to provide your product at different price points and give your customers a choice between you and a competitor, you’re allowing them to choose between you and you. It encourages shoppers to buy larger quantities of a product by applying discounts based on the quantity or price ordered.


  • Discount per quantity
  • Discount per price
  • Rebate per quantity
  • Rebate per price
  • You have the ability to define the availability
  • Number of usage
  • Discount applied to specific Categories and products
  • Assign to specific Access Level

Facebook and Twitter autopost

Facebook and Twitter autopost allows you to add your products directly to your Facebook fan page and twitter feed when the following actions is triggered in your store. All store update will be forwarded to the admin facebook and twitter page.

Post Items

  • Post Item Views
  • Post Item Comments
  • Post Item Favorite
  • Post Item Watch
  • Post Item Wish
  • Post Item Like / Dislike
  • Post Item Share Wall
  • Post New Item
  • Post Item Edit

Post Categories

  • Post Category Share Wall
  • Post Category Like / Dislike
  • Post Category Watch
  • Post Category Favorite
  • Post New Category
  • Post Category Edit

Post Vendors

  • Post Vendor Views
  • Post Vendor Comments
  • Post Vendor Favorite
  • Post Vendor Watch
  • Post Vendor Like / Dislike
  • Post Vendor Share Wall
  • Post New Vendor
  • Post Vendor Update

But wait, there's more! We also added a bunch of cool enhancements, such as:

  • Advance XML Import / Export Functionality for Categories
  • Better and more stable checkout process (entire basket)
  • New and improved Cart module with displays like "Mini, TopSLide and Standard"
  • All new Category Displays and Layouts design
  • New multi-level sub-category Pop-over layout
  • New multi-level sub-category Collapsible layout
  • Ability to import/export Custom Fields for Items
  • New custom field type "Upload"
  • New way to translate by allowing admin to upload and download a Language in the admin area
  • Ability for users to upload pictures in reviews
  • Sort items ( from highest to lowest value, and vice versa) according to a custom field
  • Ability for different vendors to be able to have products with same SKU
  • New option for admin to allow vendors to select a category to add products or not
  • Ability to display the cusom field pick-list in the Advance Search module as pick-list rather than multi-select list
  • Added proper class naming for diffrent Category layouts and display for better customization
  • Ability to use Custom Fields for sorting Catalog items
  • Ability for a custom field type "Text" to have a link to go to the advance search
  • New available product sorting for products on Sale
  • New and improved Paypal Recurring
  • Products with "Fixed Shipping Fee" and "Free Shipping" type now goes to Shippable Orders

Last but not least, we've crunched 8 minor bugs that has been reported after September release.

To see the complete list changes in the software, click at the changelog button underneath.

Browse Change-logs


In this release we've rewritten the entire checkout process from scratch. If you are updating from jApps 2.2 or below, you have to recreate your Cart Module using the new cart available if you want to use the new One Page Checkout.

Update Guide

You need jApps 2.2 in order to access the update. Browse the change-logs and locate your current version and follow the update guide. We always recommend to do a backup before doing any changes in your production website and ensure you can easily recover your backup.
You'll need an active subscription to access the update server. If have an expired subscription, please renew your membership.

If you meet the above requirements, just wait for an automated email from your website notifying you about the new update (usually it takes a few hours, up to a week after the initial release) so you get a more stable build.
However if you can't wait to get your hands on the new enhancements, just click "Check" button from the

New to Joobi?

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We hope you like the new additions as much as we do! As always, if you hit any snags with the new version let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up.

What else is going on?

  • Joobi first eCommerce template is now ready. Expect some exciting announcements in this area next week.
  • We are working on making the entire frontend Modular for the last release of the year, a highly requested feature. Hang tight!
  • We continue to be working hard to evolve Joobi solutions that helps other entrepreneurs grow theirs.
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