[Release] Joobi 2.7: Speed

Countless studies reinforce the underlying importance of speed of a website to boost sales and increase customers loyalty. This month it is all about speed! Yes speed matter in our time and age, where everyone multi-task. Having a fast responding website will give you an edge and help retain customers on your site.

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Ajax driven technology

Last year we already explain how we used a combination of flat-file and caching technology to speed up Joobi Apps.
This month we take all our Apps further by making all listing ajax driven, therefore giving you a 70% increase in response time when you navigate your lists. All widgets are also now fully ajax.

Places where ajax is used:

  • listing ( pagination, sorting, etc... )
  • complex show like contact profile
  • frontend widget navigation
  • checkout

Note: To use the new Ajax technology, please follow this article to activate it.

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Ajax Cart

Allow user to add products to the cart instantly without refreshing the page.

Follow this article to use ajax add to cart.

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PHP 7 Compatibility

PHP 7 was released few months ago bringing a lot of improvements to the table. One of the most notable changes are the speed improvements-almost 2X faster than PHP 5.x. I’d like to announce that all Joobi Apps are now compatible.
So by combining all those you end with a website which will be much MUCH faster! We urge you to give it a run, you’ll love its snappy response. 

PDF Invoice for all eCommerce

Automatically generate and email a PDF invoice to each of your customers after they placed their order - fully automated!

Syndication / Re-seller

Allow vendors to resell items from another vendor and get a percentage of the sale. This percentage is set by the store Admin and it is same for all re-sellers. Store vendor needs to approve the re-seller in order for him to be able to resell the vendor Items

Embed Joobi Store

You can embed your Joobi store into any website or social network page or in several places at the same time. You can embed to some of the most popular platforms or site builders such as Joomla, WordPress, Facebook, Wix or a custom website. It is possible to embed to any site that allows embedding HTML code.

Vendor Types

You can categorize your vendors into different vendor types to make it easier to manage and maximize your profit. You can create personalize vendor registration fields for certain group of vendors. You can restrict certain site access or offer various commission rate base on Vendor Types.

User Types

You can categorize your users into different profile types to make it easier to manage. You can create personalize registration fields designed for different group of users.

We also added more cool enhancements;


  • Adding products into the cart through Ajax and update the Cart widget
  • Paynow.co.zw Payment Gateway Integration
  • Trans Global Express Shipping Gateway
  • CKEditor inline support
  • Ability to add a option to specify additional weight on item based on Attributes. At checkout the weight will be adjusted based on the chosen attributes.
  • Commission: Ability to give commission to the affiliate user if the referred user register to the website.
  • Added the quantity field for items in the catalog listing pages so that customers can change the quantity and add to cart directly from the catalog page.
  • Tiered Pricing: Added an option to define whether it will apply only to products or to the entire cart at once.
  • New Tags in the order to display the customer name into a voucher
  • jSubscription: Ability for the subscriber to "Upgrade" it's membership to a new/higher subscription. The previous subscription will be canceled and take the left credit ortime and add it to the new membership.
  • jDefender:
    • Block IPs based on countries
    • Ability for admin to specify what pages will be blocked and display a message to the user why they are blocked.

How do I get access to these new features?

If you are still in the 30 day trial, simply sign up! You won't have to re-install and re-configure everything. Just enter the API key you receive after completing the order.

For Joobi active members, simply click "Check" button from jApps manager and update.

If you have an expired membership, just sign up to any available plans-you'll have access to new features instantly.

How do I update?

Requirements: You need jApps 2.5 to access the new released version. If you are using a version lower than jApps 2.5, please browse the change-logs and locate the version you are using and follow each individual update guide.

We always recommend to do a backup before doing any changes in your production website and ensure you can easily recover your backup.

If you meet the above requirements, just wait for an automated email from your website notifying you about the new update (usually it takes a few hours, up to a week after the initial release) so you get a more stable build.

However if you can't wait to get your hands on the new enhancements, just click "Check" button from jApps App manager page.

You'll need an active subscription to access the release server. If have an expired subscription, please renew your membership.

New to Joobi?

Evaluate all Joobi Applications before you purchase for Free (No credit card and registration required). Download it here

We hope you like the new additions as much as we do! As always, if you hit any snags with the new version let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up.

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