Joobi Welcomes WordPress

It’s finally here.

After nearly 2 months of hard work studying WordPress handbook, building WordPress API, and at the same time improving Joobi framework to adapt to the new changes, we’re excited to share Joobi WordPress compatibility Beta with you.



Which plugins will work for WordPress?

These are the list of Joobi Applications available for WordPress:

Note:  jNews will not be converted to WordPres since it is developed using Joomla technology. However, we will release very soon a new newsletter app to replace it, which will work for both Joomla and WordPress.

How does it work?

We've been developing Joobi Applications since 2007 using our technology, which allows us to be native on multiple platforms. We’ve been focusing on Joomla since Joobi was born, but now we will support WordPress natively as well.

This means that if we add a new feature in jStore, it will be automatically added to jStore WordPress version. Even better, if that feature is also used in our eCommerce App (jMarket or jAuction), it will be added there as well.

This technology allows you to move from Joomla to WordPress (vice versa) without any migration process using Joobi applications. Just export the Joobi database and import it to your new WordPress or Joomla site. Only the user will have to be re-synchronized using our sync functionality.

Additionally, if you’re already using another CMS we are open to support other platforms as well, so we reach the widest possible web audience.

Which platforms you recommend? Joomla or WordPress?

This choice might be a confusing one but it’s really very simple. Choose the platform you already love using. Both CMS’ are great on their own way and it really depends on your requirements and skills.
Joobi Applications will work on both platforms with exact the same functionalities.

Pricing and Licensing

  • For the first couple of months we are going to use the existing Joomla pricing.
  • You can install all Joobi products to unlimited domain (no restriction).
  • Joobi 30 days trial is also available for WordPress customers.
  • Joobi only provides VIP support for 1 website (Joomla or WordPress).

Note: Joobi reserve the right to change the pricing and licensing on WordPress platform to align with what is the common practice on WordPress. In the case that we changed the pricing terms for WordPress in the future, it will be applicable to new users only and not to the existing one. So, you will retain the licenses you have acquired before the change with the same conditions or better.

Why Wordpress?

There are several reasons why we open our doors to WordPress, here's a few of them;

1. WordPress is not only the leader in CMS but also the reference

WordPress has become the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) on the web. It started out as a platform exclusively for blogging, but has grown and advanced significantly over the years. It’s running millions of websites: over 20% of every website on the entire Internet, and almost half of all websites that use a CMS.

As a company, we wanted to grow and expand our audience, and WordPress offers that possibility.

2. Shorter learning curve

The majority of our traffic comes from organic searches and less than half of these users know or heard about Joomla, while the rest have experienced running a WordPress blog or at least heard and understand about what it does.

And since we are only available in Joomla, unfortunately we often lost a significant chunk of potential customers or spend a lot of time training customers to learn Joomla. Quite a lot of users actually ask us to support WordPress.

3. Unfair Treatment from JED (Joomla Extensions Directory)

As you may know, all Joobi extensions have been removed from JED since August 2014 due to some "inconsistent reasons" and it's been 7 months we've been waiting to get published again. Three of them are now republished but not the others.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Joobi extensions were removed from the directory. Every year Joobi extensions are removed for 1-3 months with various reasons. It’s always a battle to get republished mostly because it takes a very long time to get answers from JED.
We find these actions very unprofessional and question the integrity of the leadership of Joomla project.

Obviously, no company can grow in such an environment. In fact we believe no community can grow in such an environment.

We do hope that in the future it will change and we will get a more fair treatment. We also hope that the Joomla management team will focus on more constructive actions to foster true community dynamics by giving extension developers the help and environment they need to flourish.

What is the status of your Joomla products?

We will continue to build, develop, and maintain extensions for Joomla. And from now on, any new App we develop will support natively WordPress and Joomla.

What's next?

This is the first Beta release, which means it is not ready for production, although all features and functionality are exactly the same with the Joomla version it still require some testing for stability.

Release Schedule

March 3 - Beta 1 (Released)

March 9 - Beta 2 (Released)

March 16 - Release Candidate

March 23 - Production Release

Note: The admin area is already stable. We need to do some testing on the frontend and ACL. Above dates are only estimates, there is a high chance that we will release earlier than expected.

Download jCenter Beta2

Bug Tracker and FAQ section

As always, if you hit any snags with the Beta version let us know immediately via Community Forum and we'll fix it right up. And if you want to learn more about Joobi WordPress integration, we've create a dedicated section in the forum for FAQ.


Please do not duplicate bug submission. Browse the bug tracker for WordPress before submitting your report..

Oh, and you should really follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Google+.

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