Joobi 2015 Year In Review

We love the end of the year; it's a time to rejoice with family and an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the past 12 months. Let’s review the major milestones of 2015.



2015 Major Highlights

Mobile Support

In February of this year, we released a mobile version of our Joomla eCommerce extensions, one of our “flagship” products available for iOS and Android. We developed "Catalog App" that allows your users to browse and purchase your store items and a "Vendor" app that gives store vendors the capability to manage their online store from the palm of their hands in realtime.

WordPress Compatibility

We extended our audience by releasing a WordPress version of most of the Joobi Apps. The release have been very successful and received very good feedback.

Graphical Customization

We developed a new App "jDesign" that allows you to customize and extend existing Apps directly from the backend of your site. Even better, you can create new dataset, forms, and lists, and safely preserve your code on update—in short you have all freedom to make Joobi Apps customized just as you need it from few clicks of a mouse.

Enhance Security

One of the main priority of our philosophy ( is security. Despite the fact there has been no security issues reported for any Apps developed with Joobi technology, we have been pushing the limit even further and strenghten our library, so that developers can't even introduce security hole by mistake.

Hybrid-File Base Framework

File-based framework has been a new trend due to the obvious benefits of speed. We have adopted this new technology and created a hybrid-file base solution which uses both benefits from file base system and database driven solution. The result is faster page load and flexibility in utilizing dataset. 

Powerful eCommerce Solution

We added a bunch of multi-vendors functionalities and monetization that leads to increase profits.

  • Powerful Checkout Process: One of the new checkout features is the new One page checkout (with either 1, 2 or 3 columns), and by all means, you can edit directly from back-end the design of the page, so you can change the layout to your liking.
  • Tiered Pricing: Allows you to provide your product at different price points and give your customers a choice between you and a competitor, you’re allowing them to choose between you and you.
  • Social eCommerce: Enables you to convert your community site into a socially active marketplace. Allowing customers to share, review, and browse store items within your community to enhance customer participation and achieve greater economic value.

eCommerce Template

We released our first eCommerce template this year, we honestly hadn’t even planned on at the beginning of the year. We’ve added the template to our Premium plan as complimentary and had some very good feedback. Marktplatz is our first premium eCommerce template designed to fully work alongside with Joobi eCommerce Applications. A well-versed template which can be used for any website, however we payed a lot of attention to the eCommerce aspect, tuning it up to the last detail. Our next template is in the development stages now and will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2016 for our WordPress users.

Get More, Pay Less

Along with all the new developments and enhancements into the code, we put a lot of time and effort in constantly adding more and better services and new Apps (web and mobile). Our freemium/trial offering is now being used by more and more people, and we're adding more and more value into our solution so you can "Get more, pay less", a trend we will definitely want to continue over the next year.

Coming up next year

Here is a sneak peek of what we are planning for 2016:

  • As the year begins, we are going to roll-out the first product release of 2016.
  • We will make Marktplatz template available for WordPress and create new templates for both Joomla and WordPress.
  • We will release jBackup, so you can easily and safely backup your Joobi-powered websites.
  • We are going to roll out 2 new Apps to help you manage, send, and track lovely emails fully integrated with Joobi eCommerce solutions.
  • We have few more things in mind that will be unveiled as the year unfold. So, stay tuned!


We want to first and foremost extend our thanks to our loyal customers.  We are grateful for the trust you have placed in our solutions and team. Keep your feedbacks and suggestions coming. We are committing to continue serving to our best abilities and help you succeed in your online projects.

On behalf of the entire Joobi Team, we wish you all best for 2016!


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