Introducing jBackup, our new backup plugin for WordPress & Joomla

If you’ve been following our recent activity, you know we’ve had been working on 3 big projects for awhile.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch one of those product, a solution to handle your WordPress and Joomla website backup. We call it jBackup!

There are 2 major reasons which decided our team to develop a reliable backup solution for our customers.
First, more and more people have their entire business relying on their website. If the website is gone, the business might as well. In that case a strong backup solution is very important.
Second, in those uncertain times we live in, with so much hacking and censoring going on, it is important be able to recover you data in case of an incident.

We have built jBackup on top of our powerfull and ironclad library, to provide the most reliable backing up solution we could design.

In the beginning of the year we release a security solution jDefender, and a lot of you have been using it to protect your website. Now we deliver to you a simple yet powerfull—completely automated backup solution.

jbackup release


What makes jBackup different?

We believe in simple, smart, and secure. Therefore, instead of flooding you with useless features, jBackup is designed to be super easy—to backup and restore your WordPress & Joomla website with 1-Click.


Features Tailored for Your Peace of Mind


  • Automated website and database backup

Schedule your backup tasks to be performed automatically. You can run your backups on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis.

  • Download with 1-click

After a successful backup, you can download a zip file of your entire website with a single click and access your backup anytime.

  • Reliable Restore

jBackup restore your entire website to any previous backup version in to an original working state. No backup is good if it cannot be restored.

  • Custom Backup Profile

Customize the backup profile to meet your specific needs. You choose whether to backup only the database, only files or both.

  • Email Notifications

Receive notifications whenever a backup process gets completed. You can opt to not receive notifications if you desire so.

  • Offsite Website Copies

Automatically send multiple copies of your backups to remote storage location including Amazon S3 or download a zip file in to your local computer.


Other cool features

  • Send logs and backups by email
  • Choose which files, file extensions, file names and folders to exclude from your backups.
  • Secure download folder
  • Define how long to keep the backup (Expiration)
  • Define who can backup and access backups
  • Download your files in secured .zip files

Visit jBackup

Getting started

All Joobi customers with an active membership now have the access of jBackup, at no additional cost. Simply click "Check" button in jApps app manager to see the updated App list.

Want to learn more about what you can do with jBackup and how it works? Head over to our Help Center or talk to us live on the chat to get your questions answered.

Feel free to explore, I hope you'll like what you see. As always, if you hit any snags with the new version let us know immediately and we'll fix it right up.

Enough said? It's time to try it!

There's no substitute for hands on experience. Try it yourself - free for 30 days.


Feature request, free for the first 3 users

Do you have an idea for a cool new feature of jBackup that you think could be important in managing your website?

Help us continue to evolve jBackup and make it a better backup solution. Simply submit a feature request to our ticket system with your detailed requirements. We will develop the first 3 request free of charge and we'll include them in the next jBackup release.

Make a Feature Request

What else is going on?


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We made several chanages in Marktplatz to fully integrate with Joobi flexible layout. We have also rewritten the custom.scss, improved some layouts and bug fixes.

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  • jApps 3.0.25 Release

This one is pretty small, it just fixes some bugs that were reproduced after the big jApps 3.0 release and adds a new little features in all eCommerce.

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  • Don't forget to update to Joomla 3.6.4

This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla! which addresses a critical security vulnerability. We strongly recommend that you update your websites.

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