Goodbye jCenter. Hello jApps!

We're changing the name of our robust Application, previously jCenter, now renamed jApps! It is the same App just the name change. So please help me welcome jApps.



What is jApps (previously jCenter)?

jApps is a robust installer (your command center) to help you manage all of your Joobi Applications in one single interface. jApps is a type of digital distribution for all Joobi applications which allows you to automatically command and control applications installed on your website—new applications and updates can be automatically installed in a single process.

In short you can install and update your Applications the same way you do with the Apps Store or Android Market. If you’re not already familiar with jApps, go ahead and have a look around!

Why a new name?

First, let's set the scene with some history.

We started as Mambo-Joomla freelancers way back in 2004-2006. With the release of Acajoom in 2007, we began our journey to become a full pledge software company. Since then we've launched jSetup (currently jCenter - 2008), jStore (2008), jCommunity (Discontinued - 2008), jMarket (2009), jNews (2009), jSubscription (2009), jAffiliates (2009), jTickets (2009), jDloads (2010). We've rewritten everything from scratch using the new and improved Joobi framework, and introduced jCenter with all new Apps focused on eCommerce with a goal to provide the most complete and integrated solution (2010).

Fast-forward a few months. When we developed jCenter five years ago, we hadn’t really thought about the name deeply but while we were working on WordPress integration, we had some time to reflect and we felt the name jCenter no longer fully represented where we are heading.

After weeks of tossing around a dozen of potential names, we landed on the new name jApps. Here are some of the reasons why we are retiring jCenter;

  1. It's surprisingly hard for folks to associate the name jCenter to Joobi solutions. jCenter was supposed to be the central application but it seems it is not easy to guess and remember. So we went back to the drawing board for a new name.
  2. The name jApps are more inclined to what we try to call our software "Joobi Applications".
  3. The name jApps can be easily being referred to an App (Mobile or Web App) for less internet savvy folks.
  4. The name jApps can better reflects Joobi's core goal - once central App to manage all your Joobi Applications
  5. The name also reflect the fact that we support multiple platform , not only CMS ( WordPress and Joomla ) but also Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).

And we'll never forget what made you our customers choose Joobi in the first place: It's easy to maintain. It's seamlessly integrated, it's a complete solution, it's simple and it's secure. We'll continue to make it more of all of those things.

If you're not a Joobi customer yet, give us a try for free. We'd love to have you. If you already are, we thank you for your business.

Thank you from all of us at Joobi. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

Note: We did not remove jCenter in the April release to give you time to adapt and familiarize jApps. In the coming May release, jCenter will be remove automatically once you update.

Questions & Answers

Q: What happens to jCenter? Can I still update and continue using Joobi Applications?

Yes, definitely! All you have to do is use the automatic update when the new version of Joobi Applications for Joomla and WordPress are aavailable. We'll keep everyone posted via email and social medias.

If you're not on our list, please subscribe to our newsletter and/or do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Important: Do Not uninstall jCenter because jApps will be installed automatically when you update.

Q: I have an expired subscription, how can I update to jApps?

To receive Joobi updates, you need an active subscription. Have a look to Joobi pricing to find the plan that best fit to your budget. If you find it a bit steep, we have created different offerings such us help us translate or follow us on social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or give us a video review, all designed to help you use Joobi Applications at a fraction of cost.

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